Send large files easy and secure - drag and drop!

Soothing simplicityDrop your file onto Throw and give your friend the link and your are done. Don't think about filesize restrictions (because there are none) or monthly payments (same here: none!). P2P file sharing, as easy as it gets.

Share those large sized files easy and fast

We are a free and independent peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing service from the Netherlands that prioritizes your privacy and keeps your data safe. We store nothing online: simply close your browser to stop sending.

Our mission is to make sure people keep their data safely into their own hands, as it should be.

Cut the middleman

Your files contents is between you and your friend. Your file is sent directly from your computer to your friend's, which is both simple, efficient and leaves a smaller ecological footprint!


We try to be as minimalistic as possible and this shows. Our app is as simple as a menu on top of your screen. We don't waste resources.


Throw is a simple no-fuss drag and drop https server that uses the Throw servers as a DNS. Nothing is shared with our servers.

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What Our Clients Say

Don't just listen to us, we have many satisfied client companies and creative individuals that love Throw!

"Someone saying something nice about what you do is priceless. Click here to add a quote from a customer or a fan."

Stefan Boström
CEO @ Danyel Couet

"Someone saying something nice about what you do is priceless. Click here to add a quote from a customer or a fan."

Niclas Ejderhov
Corporate sales

"Someone saying something nice about what you do is priceless. Click here to add a quote from a customer or a fan."

Alexander Webb

"Someone saying something nice about what you do is priceless. Click here to add a quote from a customer or a fan."

Victor Miller
Job Title

Do you have any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can my computer run Throw?

In order to use Throw you first have to acquire a copy of the application. This can be done by purchasing it through the Mac App Store, available on all Apple computers running Snow Leopard and Lion. The Throw application can be used on OS X version 10.5 or higher.

I get this message: There is a problem with this websites security certificate

Throw provides its users with a secure file sending alternative. The receiver of a file must click on the text “Continue to this website (not recommended)” in order to establish a secure connection with the sender. This needs only to be done one time. Next time the same person send you a file this message will not appear, since you already have established a secure connection once.

How do I use Throw?

Sending files using Throw is dead simple. Locate the file you want to send, drag and drop the file on Throw application icon (located on the dock). Throw will automatically copy a link of the file to the clipboard. All you need to do is to paste the link into an email, chat client or SMS and send it to the intended receiver. The receiver must click on the link in order for the file to be downloaded.

Does both sender and reciever need Throw in order to send files?

Only the sender need to use Throw app in order to send files. The link generated by Throw can be opened on any Mac, PC or Linux operating system.

What happens is the sender turn off the computer during file transfer?

If the sender or the receiver turn off the computer during file transfer the file will stop being downloaded. In this case you have to drag and drop the file again on Throw dock icon then resend the link.

Why cant I send files with Throw?

Some users might experience issues sending files if they are sitting behind a firewall. In order to solve this issue the user has to configure the firewall allowing Throw to send and receive information. Please contact the provider of your firewall to resolve this issue.

How do I know when file transfer is complete?

At the top of your screen you can locate Throw system tray icon (dog bone), when this icon is black in color ALL file transfers are completed. Alternatively by clicking the dog bone, information will be displayed for each file being transferred. When a file name has a green tick mark in front of it then file transfer is completed.

Who We Are

Our Team

Throw consists of a team of experienced entrepreneurs that love to develop new and exciting software to make life easier.